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2017 Annual
Membership Meeting

June 12 &13

Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore


The Trump White House – Its Impact and Direction

David Brooks, New York Times Columnist, PBS and NPR Commentator,
Bestselling Author
David Brooks, political and foreign affairs columnist for the New York Times and an analyst on NPR’s All Things Considered and the PBS NewsHour, joins us for a candid discussion about the Trump Administration, its impact on the health care landscape, and how the administration might evolve after a tumultuous beginning. Brooks, whose The Road to Character was a New York Times #1 bestseller in 2015 and who teaches at Yale, will share his insights into how the nation is responding to this new era in American politics.

R Pollack Official photo 2015 crop

The View from Washington

Richard J. Pollack, President and CEO, American Hospital Association
A respected Washington veteran, Rick Pollack knows that helping hospitals take care of people and communities takes a steady hand and a recognition that the goal is of greater importance than the political path to get there. Pollack will bring his front-line Capitol Hill expertise as he discusses how AHA is working with federal lawmakers and the Trump administration to protect hospitals’ and patients’ interests during this historic transformation.

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In a Healthy Culture, Excellence is Driven by Successes and Failures

Dr. David Wolf, NASA Astronaut, Doctor, Engineer, Inventor & Speaker

Hospital leaders often talk about the need to go beyond their comfort zones, to experiment, to test boundaries – all in the name of advancing ideas and techniques to better serve their patients and communities. Dr. David Wolf, a former astronaut who spent 41 hours performing zero-gravity spacewalks miles above the Earth, knows something about the value of crossing into unfamiliar territory. Dr. Wolf earned his medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine and trained as a flight surgeon with the U.S. Air Force, but medicine was not his final frontier. Dr. Wolf is considered the “father” of the Space Bioreactor, a tissue engineering methodology used for cancer research and regenerative medicine on Earth as well as demonstrating the further advantages when conducted in microgravity. He will share his thoughts on leadership, motivation, and innovation, and how to apply these values in every setting, whether it’s hundreds of miles above the Earth or in a hospital emergency department.

For more information please visit, #WeBelieveInAstronauts

MHA Annual Membership Meeting
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