Health Care Facilities


Health care facilities can take steps to manage the outbreak and protect both their patients and staff.

Be Prepared: stay informed about the local COVID-19 situation; develop, or review, your facility’s emergency plan; establish relationships with key healthcare and public health partners in your community; and create an emergency contact list.

Communicate with Staff and Patients: Share information about what is currently known about COVID-19, the potential for surge, and your facility’s preparedness plans. Provide updates about changes to your policies regarding appointments, providing non-urgent patient care by telephone, and visitors. Consider using your facility’s website or social media pages to share updates.

Protect Your Workforce: Screen patients and visitors for symptoms of acute respiratory illness (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing) before entering your healthcare facility; ensure proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE); conduct an inventory of available PPE.

Protect Your Patients: Consider strategies to prevent patients who can be cared for at home from coming to your facility potentially exposing themselves or others to germs.

MHA Updates

COVID-19 Update: New Daily MIEMSS COVID Question Effective Tomorrow (Apr 15)
COVID-19 Update: MDH: Pause Administration of J&J COVID-19 Vaccines (Apr 13)
COVID-19 Update: Md. to Receive Fewer Vaccine Doses (Apr 8)
COVID-19 Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Resources to Support Vulnerable Populations (Apr 6)
COVID-19 Update: HSCRC Releases Addendum for COVID-19 Community Vaccination Funding Program (Apr 1)
COVID-19 Update: Infographic Details COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Requirements (Mar 30)
COVID-19 Update: Staffing Data Show Decreased Demand for Traveling Nurses (Mar 25)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Data Reporting (Mar 23)
COVID-19 Update: Md. Vaccine Eligibility to Expand, HSCRC to Launch COVID-19 Community Vaccination Funding Program (Mar 18)
COVID-19 Update: Increase of Medicare Payment for Administering the COVID-19 Vaccine (Mar 16)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Seeks Additional COVID Vaccination Providers (Mar 9)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Announces Vaccine Equity Operations Plan (Mar 4)
COVID-19 Update: PrepMod to Support J&J Vaccine (Mar 3)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Gives Update on Vaccination Efforts (Mar 2)
COVID-19 Update: State Shares Resources to Promote Availability of Monoclonal Antibody Treatment (Mar 1)
COVID-19 Update: FDA Approves Pfizer COVID Vaccine Storage at Higher Temps (Feb 26)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Clarifies HIPAA Regulations for Web-based COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling Applications (Feb 24)
COVID-19 Update: Md. More Than Doubles Surveillance for COVID-19 Variants (Feb 23)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Issues Bulletin on Vaccine Second Doses, Prioritization, More (Feb 19)
COVID-19 Update: Winter Weather Affects COVID-19 Vaccine Shipments (Feb 18)
COVID-19 Update: MHA Advocacy on Vaccine Allocations for Hospitals (Feb 17)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Offers Guidance on Reporting Transfers of COVID Vaccine Doses (Feb 12)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Gives Update on Vaccine Rollout, Hospital Visitation (Feb 11)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Daily Data Reporting: New Data Resources and Compliance Update (Feb 10)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Issues Updates to Vaccine Rollout (Feb 5)
COVID-19 Update: MDH: Process to Help Identify COVID-19 Variants (Feb 3)
COVID-19 Update: New CRISP COVID-19 Vaccination Report (Feb 1)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Issues New Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, Eligibility (Jan 29)
COVID-19 Update: Maryland to Open Mass Vaccination Sites, Change Vaccine Eligibility (Jan 26)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Issues New Guidance on COVID Vaccines (Jan 22)
COVID-19 Update: Md. State of Emergency, Catastrophic Health Emergency Declarations Renewed (Jan 21)
COVID-19 Update: Temporary Behavioral Health Unit Opens at UM Laurel Medical Center (Jan 20)
COVID-19 Update: Md. Senate Launches Vaccination Oversight Workgroup (Jan 19)
COVID-19 Update: Provider Relief Fund Reporting Updates (Jan 18)
COVID-19 Update: HSCRC Releases Directive on CARES Act Impact on Rate Year 2021 Rates (Jan 15)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan: Md. to Move to 1B in Vaccine Rollout (Jan 14)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Data Reporting: Therapeutic Fields Required Jan. 13, New Optional Vaccination Fields (Jan 12)
COVID-19 Update: Laurel 345 Updates Protocol for Transfers (Jan 11)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Updates Mass Fatality Management Plan (Jan 8)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Takes Steps to Speed Vaccine Rollout (Jan 5)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Sends Letter to MHA About Vaccine Rollout (Jan 4)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Releases New Guidance on COVID-19 Point of Care Tests (Dec 28)
COVID-19 Update: State of Maryland Launches COVID-19 Vaccination Data Dashboard (Dec 23)
COVID-19 Update: HSCRC Adjusted Deadlines (Dec 22)
COVID-19 Update: Pfizer, Moderna Orders Placed for MD Hospitals (Dec 21)
COVID-19 Update: Updated Guidance on Access to Support Persons for Individuals with Disabilities (Dec 18)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Releases New Referral Form for Monoclonal Antibody Treatments (Dec 17)
COVID-19 Update: Alternative Care Sites Dashboard (Dec 16)
COVID-19 Update: Reminder: MDH PPE Data Request Due Friday (Dec 15)
COVID-19 Update: Pfizer Plans Vaccine Training Sessions (Dec 14)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Weekly COVID Vaccine Call (Dec 11)
COVID-19 Update: Weekly Alternative Care Site COVID-19 Calls With MDH (Dec 10)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Mandatory COVID-19 Data Reporting – New Reporting Fields and Updates (Dec 9)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Details Initial COVID Vaccine Distribution Plans (Dec 8)
COVID-19 Update: Reminder: Hospital Surge Plans Due Tomorrow (Dec 7)
COVID-19 Update: MHA, State Contact List for COVID-19 Response (Dec 4)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Releases Template for Hospitals’ Surge Plans (Dec 2)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Announces Actions on Surge, Hospital Staffing (Dec 1)
COVID-19 Update: MDH PPE Data Request Due Dec. 4 (Nov 30)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Issues New Guidance on Asymptomatic Health Care Staff Exposed to COVID-19 (Nov 25)
COVID-19 Update: Hospitals Invited to Vaccine Planning Q&A with MDH - Nov. 24 (Nov 23)
COVID-19 Update: Admissions Resources for Maryland Alternative Care Sites (Nov 19)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Clarifies Reporting Depreciation and Payments Related to Prior Periods for Provider Relief Fund Purposes (Nov 18)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Order re: Support for Nursing Homes (Nov 13)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Data Reporting Webinar, Compliance Update Tomorrow (Nov 12)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Data Reporting Compliance Update (Nov 3)
COVID-19 Update: Provider Registration for COVID Vaccine (Nov 2)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Mandatory COVID-19 Data Reporting and CMS Interim Final Rule Compliance Update (Oct 27)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Revises Provider Relief Fund Reporting Requirements (Oct 23)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Data Reporting and CMS Interim Final Rule Compliance Update (Oct 20)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Mandatory COVID-19 Data Reporting and CMS Interim Final Rule Compliance Update (Oct 14)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Mandatory COVID-19 Data Reporting and CMS Interim Final Rule Compliance Update (Oct 7)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Daily Data Reporting: Noncompliance Alert (Sep 30)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Daily Data Reporting: Noncompliance Alert Delayed, MDH, DOD Release New Guidance on Hospital Visitation Policies (Sep 28)
COVID-19 Update: Changes to Remdesivir Allocation, Distribution (Sep 24)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Requests Remdesivir Data from Hospitals (Sep 23)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Guidance on Lost COVID Revenues (Sep 22)
COVID-19 Update: Updates on COVID-19 Daily Data Reporting (Sep 16)
COVID-19 Update: FAQ: HHS Daily COVID-19 Data Reporting (Sep 11)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID Data Monitoring Reports and CMS Interim Final Rule (Sep 9)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Hospital Data Reporting Update, New Telehealth Flexibilities (Sep 3)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan: Maryland Ready for Stage 3 in Reopening (Sep 1)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Designates Data Liaison for Maryland Hospitals, HHS Alters Allocation Protocol for Remdesivir (Aug 20)
COVID-19 Update: HHS: 100% of Md. Hospitals Meet Federal Reporting Mandate, HHS Announces Expanded Eligibility for General Distribution Funds (Aug 12)
COVID-19 Update: Reminder: COVID-19 Testing Survey Responses Due Today, CMS Covering Self-Isolation Counseling to Patients (Jul 31)
COVID-19 Action Items: MDH Contractors to Inspect Advanced Medical Tent Sites in Preparation for Hurricane (Jul 31)
COVID-19 Action Items: COVID-19 Testing Survey (Jul 29)
COVID-19 Update: State Confirms Hospitals to Receive Additional Remdesivir Allocations (Jul 24)
COVID-19 Update: AHA Hosts Calls With HHS COVID-19 Response Team (Jul 21)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Answers Questions From Hospitals on New Daily Reporting for Hospitals Effective Tomorrow (July 15) (Jul 14)
COVID-19 Action Items: HHS Mandates New Daily Reporting in Teletracking for Hospitals Effective Tomorrow (Jul 14)
COVID-19 Update: CMS Releases Guidance on Visitor Policies, Infection Prevention (Jul 7)
COVID-19 Update: New Directive Expands COVID Testing to People Without Symptoms, Reminder: COVID-19 Hospitalization Data for Remdesivir Allocation due Monday, July 6 (Jul 2)
COVID-19 Update: MEMA to Stop Collecting Daily PPE Inventory Data From Hospitals, Hospitals to Receive Additional Remdesivir Allocations (Jun 30)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Pauses Remdesivir Data Request For Hospitals, MDH Requests Hospital Surge Plans (Jun 29)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Discontinues Requests for Cloth Face Masks, Revocation of EUA for Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate (HCQ) and Chloroquine Phosphate (CQ) (Jun 26)
COVID-19 Update: MDH to Host Call to Clarify Remdesivir Data Request For Hospitals (Jun 23)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Requests New Remdesivir Data From Hospitals (Jun 18)
COVID-19 Action Items: Feedback Needed Tomorrow on Testing (Jun 18)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Requests New Remdesivir Data From Hospitals, Work on Statewide PPE Cache and Distribution Models (Jun 16)
COVID-19 Update: Data Due For Additional HHS Provider Relief Fund Allocation, FDA Revokes Emergency Use Authorization for Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, Chloroquine Sulfate (Jun 15)
COVID-19 Update: Provider Relief Fund Resources, Maryland Maternal Health Innovation Program Offers Support for Health Care Providers (Jun 12)
COVID-19 Action Items: Agreement for Advanced Medical/Large Tents (Jun 12)
COVID-19 Update: Data Call for Additional HHS Provider Relief Fund Allocation (Jun 10)
COVID-19 Update: Data Needed for ASPR Grants, FDA Specifies Which Respirators are Appropriate for Decontamination (Jun 8)
COVID-19 Update: Update on Future CARES Act and HHS Funding, HHS Deadline for Data for Remdesivir Distribution is June 8 (Jun 5)
COVID-19 Update: Expected Remdesivir Shipment Not Received, ASPR Grant Funding to be Distributed (Jun 4)
COVID-19 Update: Feedback Needed on Second Surge Planning, ASPR Funds to Be Distributed to Hospitals (Jun 1)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Deadline for Data for Remdesivir Distribution is June 8, Update on Remdesivir in Maryland (May 28)
COVID-19 Update: Update on Remdesivir Distribution, Providers Must Act by June 3 to Receive Additional Relief Fund General Distribution Payment (May 21)
COVID-19 Update: Governor Hogan Announces New Testing Strategies, Plans Underway to Improve PPE Distribution (May 19)
COVID-19 Update: Updates on Remdesivir Distribution, National Ad Campaign Highlights Hospitals (May 18)
COVID-19 Update: Update on Remdesivir Distribution in Maryland, MHA Summary of All Issued CMS Emergency Waivers (May 15)
COVID-19 Update: Pediatric Multisystem Inflammation Syndrome on Rise, Resources Available (May 14)
COVID-19 Action Items: Remdesivir Shipment Expected Tomorrow, Hospital Information Requested (May 14)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Details Contact Tracing Process, Hospitals, Physician Offices Inform State of Plans for Resumption of Elective Procedures (May 13)
COVID-19 Update: Hospitals Must Manually Submit Weekly HHS Data Requested for Remdesivir Distribution—First Deadline 8 p.m. Today (May 12)
COVID-19 Action Items: Hospitals Must Manually Submit Weekly HHS Data Requested for Remdesivir Distribution—First Deadline 8 p.m. Today (May 12)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Requests Weekly Data from Hospitals to Inform Remdesivir Distribution, Emergency Relief Program Letters of Request Due Thursday (May 11)
COVID-19 Update: Remdesivir Distribution, State Releases Process for Bridge Teams at Skilled Nursing Facilities (May 8)
COVID-19 Update: Sub-Acute Patients Receiving Care at Acute Hospitals, HHS Extends Deadline for Attestation, Acceptance of Terms and Conditions for Cares Provider Relief Fund Payments (May 7)
COVID-19 Action Items: Hogan: Hospitals Can Resume Elective Procedures at Their Discretion, With Conditions (May 6)
COVID-19 Update: Updates on PPE, Testing in Nursing Homes (May 5)
COVID-19 Update: HSCRC Approves COVID-19 Surge Funding Policy, CMS Releases Regulatory Waivers, Rule Changes (Apr 30)
COVID-19 Update: MHA Advocates That Future Stimulus Funds be Directed to Hospitals, Maryland to Launch Universal Testing of Residents, Staff at Nursing Homes (Apr 29)
COVID-19 Update: Engaging Patients and Families During COVID-19, Gov. Hogan Directs MDH to Publish COVID-19 Data for Nursing Homes (Apr 28)
COVID-19 Update: Nurse Externs Now Available Through Registry, MHA to Host Discussion with MDH on Lab Testing (Apr 27)
COVID-19 Update: MHA to Host Discussion with MDH on Lab Testing, FAQ Document for Daily MIEMSS/CRISP Survey (Apr 24)
COVID-19 Update: Action Needed: CARES Act Fund Allocation Data Request, Medicaid Provider Enrollment Guidance for Hospitals (Apr 23)
COVID-19 Action Items: New Daily PPE Survey, State Establishes Hotline to Request Ventilators (Apr 23)
COVID-19 Update: New Developments in Federal Data Collection, State Establishes Hotline to Request Ventilators (Apr 22)
COVID-19 Update: Access to Testing Facilities, Battelle Releases Direct Link to Request Decontamination Services (Apr 21)
COVID-19 Update: MHA Requests Clarification of 1135 Blanket Waiver Flexibilities, Md. Secures 500,000 COVID-19 Tests from South Korea (Apr 20)
COVID-19 Update: Skilled Nursing Facility Daily Bed Availability Reporting, Battelle Accepts PPE for Decontamination (Apr 17)
COVID-19 Update: MIEMSS to Host Webinar Tomorrow on Daily CRISP/MIEMSS Submission Process, State Submission of NHSN Capacity Module (Apr 16)
COVID-19 Update: Updated Guidelines on Federal Data Collection on COVID-19, Hogan Issues New Executive Orders (Apr 15)
COVID-19 Update: State Prepares for Rising Demand for Ventilators, CRISP COVID-19 and Capacity Reporting (Apr 14)
COVID-19 Update: Surge Staffing Resource Available Now, New Methods for Federal Data Collection on COVID-19 (Apr 13)
COVID-19 Update: MHA Seeks HSCRC Action to Relieve Financial Burden of COVID-19, Pharmacists Authorized to Test for COVID-19 (Apr 11)
COVID-19 Update: New Resource to Aid in Surge Staffing Needs, Customizable Dashboard Available to Help with Surge Planning (Apr 10)
COVID-19 Update: Surge Response Staffing Solutions, CMS Releasing $100 Billion in CARES Funding (Apr 9)
COVID-19 Action Items: Distribution of First Phase of CARES Act Funds Imminent (Apr 9)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Launches Hospital Discharge Assist Program, Assistance to Nursing Homes (Apr 8)
COVID-19 Update: MHA to Host HR Executives Call Friday on Surge Staffing, Framework for Allocation of Scarce Resources Considered (Apr 7)
COVID-19 Action Items: Urgent Survey Response Needed on PPE Inventory (Apr 7)
COVID-19 Update: Hospital Advanced Medical Tent Requests, MDH Offers Guidance for Procurement of Hotel Space (Apr 6)
COVID-19 Update: New FDA Enforcement Policy for Masks, CDC Recommends Public Wear Cloth Masks (Apr 4)
COVID-19 Update: CRISP to Submit NHSN COVID-19 Capacity Module, Board of Physicians Modifies FAQ on Physician Assistants During COVID-19 (Apr 3)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Updates COVID-19 Resource Request Process, FEMA Implements Ventilator Request Process (Apr 2)
COVID-19 Action Items: New COVID-19 Model Projections (Apr 2)
COVID-19 Update: Potential Medication Shortages, MHA Seeks Action From Payers During COVID-19 Crisis (Apr 1)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Providing 100 Tents for Hospitals, Hospitals’ Use of Hotels (Mar 31)
COVID-19 Update: CMS Offers Accelerated Payments for Providers, MHA Partners with MIEMSS, CRISP to Streamline Hospital Field Survey Questions (Mar 30)
COVID-19 Update: Md. Medicaid Expands Remote Patient Monitoring Reimbursement During COVID-19 Emergency (Mar 28)
COVID-19 Update: FEMA Guidance on Expense Reimbursement, HSCRC Approves Charging Structure for Telehealth and COVID-19 Lab Testing (Mar 27)
COVID-19 Update: Childcare Closing Tomorrow Evening: May Affect Essential Personnel (Mar 26)
COVID-19 Update: Md. Struggles With Supply of COVID-19 Testing Equipment, Hospitals Surveyed on Surge Planning, and more (Mar 26)
COVID-19 Update: Expanded Childcare For Essential Workers, How to Request PPE, and more (Mar 25)
COVID-19 Update: Sec. Neall Issues Directives for Health Facilities (Mar 24)
COVID-19 Action Items: Continuum of Care Model—Patient Flow for managing surge capacity (Mar 23)
COVID-19 Update Childcare, CMS Quality Reporting, Maryland Medicaid, More (Mar 23)
COVID-19 Update Gov. Hogan Order on Elective Surgeries, More (Mar 23)
COVID-19 Update: Childcare Availability (Mar 23)
Toward Better Health: Childcare Opportunities for Emergency Workers, MHCC Updates Guidance on Emergency CON (Mar 22)
COVID-19 Action Items: Bed Capacity (Mar 22)
COVID-19 Update: Guidance on Drive-Through Testing, UW Medicine in Washington Releases Policies, Protocols for COVID-19 (Mar 21)
COVID-19 Update: Childcare Update For Essential Hospital Employees, Offers of Donations (Mar 20)
COVID-19 Update: Surge/Capacity, CMS, CDC Guidance on Elective Surgeries, Strategies for PPE (Mar 19)
COVID-19 Update: Emergency Expansion of Telehealth Services Covered by Medicare (Mar 17 pm)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Seeks Hospital Info on Hospital Bed Surge Capacity (Mar 17 am)
Toward Better Health: Childcare for hospital employees, HSCRC reimbursement plans and guidance on COVID-19 testing (Mar 15)
COVID-19 Update: Response Needed Monday: Laboratory Specimen Collection (Mar 15)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Executive Action to Stop Covid-19 Spread (Mar 13)
Member Alert: Gov. Hogan Takes Executive Action to Stop COVID-19 Spread (Mar 12)
COVID-19 Daily Briefing (Mar 9)
Member Call: Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update from Maryland Department of Health and Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (Mar 5)
Maryland General Assembly, House of Delegates: Health and Government Operations Committee Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update from MDH (Mar 4)


Executive Orders

Renewal of Declaration of State of Emergency and Existence of Catastrophic Health Emergency (Jan 21)
Executive Order Allowing Reopening of Certain Businesses and Facilities (Sep 1)
Federal Public Health Emergency Extended (Jul 24)
Amended Directive & Order Regarding Various Healthcare Matters (Jul 1)
Executive Order Allowing Reopening of Certain Businesses and Facilities, Subject to Local Regulation (Jun 3)
Executive Order Amended Large Gatherings & Events, Closing Senior Centers, All Non-Essential Businesses, and Stay at Home (May 6)
Amended Directive & Order Regarding Various Healthcare Matters (May 6)
Directive & Order Regarding Nursing Home Matters, Pursuant to EO No. 20-04-29-01 (May 5)
Executive Order Amending and Restating the Order Dated April 5, 2020 Authorizing Various Actions Related to Nursing Homes and Other Health Care Facilities (Apr 29)
Executive Order Directive and Order Regarding Nursing Home Matters Updated (Apr 27)
Executive Order Establishing Alternate Care Sites (Apr 20)
Executive Order Implementing Alternative Correctional Detention and Supervision (Apr 19)
Executive Order Prescribing and Dispensing of Drugs Linked to Prevention or Treatment of COVID-19 (Apr 14)
Executive Order Relating to Various Health Care Matters issued March 16, 2020 Frequently Asked Questions (Apr 2)
Executive Order Authorizing Remote Notarizations (Mar 30)
Board of Physicians Notice - Suspension of Certain Requirements pursuant to Section XI of the Executive Order (Mar 20)
Board of Physicians FAQ on Gov. Hogan Executive Order Out-of-State Health Care Practitioners and Inactive Maryland Licenses (Mar 16)
Executive Order Relating to Various Health Care Matters (Mar 16)


Recommendations & Guidance 

Updated Guidance on HIPAA and Contacting Former COVID-19 Patients about Plasma Donation (Aug 25)
HHS COVID-19 Healthcare Resilience Working Group Toolkits and Resources (Jul 10)
MHA to CMS and HHS Related to the Public Health Emergency and Blanket Waivers Provided Under CMS’ Recent Interim Final Rule (Jul 7)
MHA Letter July 1 Amended Directive and Order Regarding Various Healthcare Matters (Jul 2)
MHA Letter Coronavirus Task Force (May 26)
MHA Letter Access to Support for Patients with Disabilities in Hospital Settings (May 20)
Summary of Medicare Covid-19 Waivers: Blanket Waivers, Fact Sheets, and Interim Final Rules (May 15)
AHA COVID-19 Pathways to Recovery: Considerations and Resources to Guide Hospitals and Health Systems (May 14)
Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery (Apr 24)
Maryland Strong Roadmap to Recovery - Slides (Apr 24)
MHA Letter to CMS: Request for Clarification of 1135 Blanket Waiver Flexibilities (Apr 17)
Letter to Gov. Hogan: Legal Protections for Health Care Practitioners (Apr 16)
COVID-19 Hospital Preparedness and Response MHA to MDH (Apr 14)
AHA Seeks Behavioral Health Specific COVID-19 Guidance from HHS (Apr 9)
HFAM to Governor Hogan and Maryland Dept. of Health on Waivers, PPE, Funding (Apr 8)
The Joint Commission COVID-19 Resources (Apr 6)
Caring with Limited Resources during the COVID-19 Crisis: A Compilation of Resources for Your Team (Apr 1)
Maryland Insurance Administration: Request to Address Payer Practices and Coverage During COVID-19 (Apr 1)
AHA asks HHS and CMS to distribute to rural and urban hospitals and health systems funds from the Public Health and Social Services Emergency Fund that were designated for providers in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (Mar 31)
CMS Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) Requirements and Implications Related to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (Revised) (Mar 30)
CMS Guidance for Infection Control and Prevention of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) in Hospitals, Psychiatric Hospitals, and Critical Access Hospitals (CAHs): FAQs, Considerations for Patient Triage, Placement, Limits to Visitation and Availability of 1135 waivers (Mar 30)
Letter to the Honorable Mary Ellen Barbera, Chief Judge: Request all courts to hold virtual hearings for emergency issues of guardianship, recommend all courts allow cases to be initiated by submitting documentation electronically (Mar 30)
Secretary Neall and Secretary Padilla: develop appropriate transition out of the hospital for some of Maryland’s most vulnerable people—foster youth and individuals experiencing homelessness. (Mar 24)
MHCC Regulatory Guidance - Emergency CON Overview (Mar 21)
Maryland Request for Section 1135 Waiver Flexibilities Related to Novel Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) National Emergency and Public Health Emergency (Mar 20)
AHA New Information on Elective Surgery, PPE Conservation and Additional COVID-19 Issues (Mar 19)
CMS Adult Elective Surgery and Procedures Recommendations: Limit all non-essential planned surgeries and procedures, including dental, until further notice (Mar 15)
CDC Steps Healthcare Facilities Can Take Now to Prepare for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (Mar 6)
Priorities for the US Health Community Responding to COVID-19 (Mar 3)




AHA Infographic COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Requirements (Mar 26)
Communication Guidance and Material for Health Care Workers, Communities of Color, and Underserved Communities (Feb 22)
CDC Supplemental COVID-19 Vaccine Redistribution Agreement (Feb 4)
MDH Updates on Maryland’s COVID-19 Vaccine Plan: Phase 1C expands on Monday, February 1 (Jan 28)
Executive Order Required Reporting of COVID-19 Vaccine Administration (Jan 5)
MDH Amended Directive and Order Regarding Vaccination Matters (Jan 1)
COVID-19 Vaccination Communications Materials (Dec 17)
Guidance on Safety with Dry Ice (Dec 14)
V-safe Information Sheet (Dec 14)
COVID-19 Vaccination Plan Template for Hospitals (Nov 20)
MDH Using PrepMod or EHR for Phase 1 COVID-19 Vaccine Administration Tracking (Nov 20)
MDH Phase 1 Vaccine Administration Documentation and Reporting (Nov 18)
MDH COVID 19 Vaccination Planning Update (Nov 18)
AHA COVID-19 Vaccination Resource (Nov 16)
Webinar: Tools, Technical Assistance, and Tips for Distributing & Administering Ultra-Cold Storage Vaccine (Nov 12)
Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccination (Nov 4)
MDH ImmuNet Quick Reference Guide COVID-19 Vaccine Enrollment & Ordering (Nov 2)
CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Interim Playbook for Jurisdiction Operations (Oct 29)
CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Provider Agreement (Sep 14)


Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine Training & Education Series Webinars (Dec 14)
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers (Dec 14)
Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet for Recipients (Dec 14)
Pfizer Shipping, Handling and Storage Overview (Dec 6)
Pfizer Refrigerator Storage (Dec 6)
Pfizer Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Storage (Dec 6)
Pfizer Thermal Shipper Unpacking & Re-Icing (Dec 6)
Pfizer Permanent Site – No Redistribution (Dec 8)
Pfizer Redistribution Site – ULC (Dec 8)
Pfizer POU Archetypes and Planning Considerations (Dec 8)


Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers (Dec 21)
Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine EUA Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers (Dec 21)

J&J Janssen

Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Mar 1)
Janssen Covid-19 Vaccine Fact Sheet for Recipients and Caregivers (Mar 1)


Coverage & Billing

MHA Comment Letter on CMS’ First Interim Final Rule Related to COVID Waivers (Jun 1)
COVID-19 Charging Considerations for Relieving SNF Capacity or for Patients That Cannot be Readily Discharged (May 8)
HSCRC 20% Corridor Expansion for 100% Inpatient Rate Centers Only (May 8)
HSCRC: Quality Program COVID-19 Update (Apr 10)
CMS Waivers Expand Workforce Flexibilities for CAHs, SNFs, HHAs, and Hospices (Apr 9)
Maryland Attorney General News Releases: Attorney General Frosh Warns Providers Against Billing Patients for COVID-19 Testing (Apr 8)
MHA Call: CMS Blanket Waivers (Apr 8)
CMS Letter to Clinicians (Apr 8)
MDH Level of Care Timeframes for Acute Care Hospitals (Apr 3)
CMS COVID-19 Emergency Declaration Blanket Waivers for Health Care Providers (Apr 1)
Temporary Waiver of Requirements for the Concurrent Review Process for Acute Care Hospitals (Apr 1)
Charging and Reporting for Expanded Telehealth Services (Mar 27)
Charging for COVID-19 Laboratory Test-CPT Code 87635 (Mar 27)
Expense Capture: Issue Summary, Considerations and Examples Using FEMA Guidance (Mar 27)
FEMA COVID-19 Requests for Public Assistance Deadline (Mar 21)
MDH Temporary Authorization of Audio-Only Health Care Services (Mar 21)
MHCC Guidance on Telehealth in Public Health Emergency (Mar 21)
CMS Medicare Telemedicine Health Care Provider Fact Sheet (Mar 17)
MDH COVID-19 #1 Temporary Expansion of Medicaid Regulations to Permit Delivery of Telehealth Services to the Home to Mitigate Possible Spread of Novel Coronavirus (Mar 12)
Maryland Insurance Administration Guidance issued to all health carriers regarding COVID-19 coverage, cost sharing, and reimbursement (Mar 6)
CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Steps to Expand Access to Coronavirus Care (Mar 6)


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