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Health Care Providers

Health care providers are on the front lines of caring for patients with confirmed or possible infection with COVID-19 and therefore have an increased risk of exposure to this virus.

Health care providers caring for patients with confirmed or possible COVID-19 should adhere to CDC recommendations for infection prevention and control (IPC).

Screening & Testing

CT Dept. of Health PrimeStore MTM Transport Media Vials Content (May 28)
FAQ: COVID State Testing Technical Assistance (May 6)
Guidance for Licensed Pharmacists, COVID-19 Testing, and Immunity under the PREP Act (Apr 10)
Interim Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Healthcare Settings (Mar 27)
Interim Additional Guidance for Infection Prevention and Control Recommendations for Patients with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 in Outpatient Hemodialysis Facilities (Mar 27)
Interim Guidelines for Collecting, Handling, and Testing Clinical Specimens from Persons for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (Mar 27)
CDC Healthcare Professional Preparedness Checklist For Transport and Arrival of Patients With Confirmed or Possible COVID-19 (Mar 27)
UW Medicine (Washington state) COVID-19 Resource Site (Mar 21)
ASPR TRACIE Training and Technical Assistance - Drive Through Testing (Mar 16)
Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update: FDA Provides More Regulatory Relief During Outbreak, Continues to Help Expedite Availability of Diagnostics (Mar 16)
Drive-through COVID19 Testing Clinic setup UW Medicine (Mar 13)
MedStar COVID-19 Urgent Care Triage Template (Mar 8)
CDC Updated Guidance on Evaluating and Testing Persons for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) (Mar 8)
CDC Interim U.S. Guidance for Risk Assessment and Public Health Management of Healthcare Personnel with Potential Exposure in a Healthcare Setting to Patients with Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) (Mar 7)
UMMS COVID-19 Symptomatic Patient Flow (Mar 7)
Massachusetts General Hospital Planning documents for patients requiring Airborne Isolation, Contact Isolation, and Eye Protection (Jan 29)
CDC Healthcare Professional Preparedness Checklist For Transport and Arrival of Patients With Confirmed or Possible COVID-19
CDC Flowchart to Identify and Assess 2019 Novel Coronavirus
CDC Human Infection with 2019 Novel Coronavirus Person Under Investigation (PUI) and Case Report Form


Guidance for the donning and doffing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for COVID-19 (formally 2019-nCoV) following the CDC guidelines: Standard, Contact, and Airborne Precautions. (Feb 18)

Health Care Facilities


Health care facilities can take steps to manage the outbreak and protect both their patients and staff.

Be Prepared: stay informed about the local COVID-19 situation; develop, or review, your facility’s emergency plan; establish relationships with key healthcare and public health partners in your community; and create an emergency contact list.

Communicate with Staff and Patients: Share information about what is currently known about COVID-19, the potential for surge, and your facility’s preparedness plans. Provide updates about changes to your policies regarding appointments, providing non-urgent patient care by telephone, and visitors. Consider using your facility’s website or social media pages to share updates.

Protect Your Workforce: Screen patients and visitors for symptoms of acute respiratory illness (e.g., fever, cough, difficulty breathing) before entering your healthcare facility; ensure proper use of personal protection equipment (PPE); conduct an inventory of available PPE.

Protect Your Patients: Consider strategies to prevent patients who can be cared for at home from coming to your facility potentially exposing themselves or others to germs.

MHA Updates

COVID-19 Update: Critical Care Coordination Center (C4) Pediatrics (Oct 14)
COVID-19 Update: UM Capital Region Health’s One Call System to Merge with UMMS Access Center System (Oct 7)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Plans Emergency Legislation on Workforce Shortages(Sep 30)
COVID-19 Update: State Addresses Nurse Staffing Shortages (Sep 23)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Transitioning to State/Territorial Coordinated Distribution System for mAbs (Sep 16)
COVID-19 Update: Hospitals, MDH Plan for Pediatric Surge (Sep 2)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Announces Vaccine Mandate for Some State Employees (Aug 5)
COVID-19 Update: MHCC Issues Guidance on Emergency CON Extension (Aug 3)
COVID-19 Update: Federal OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (Jul 15)
COVID-19 Update: MHCC to Vote on Extending Emergency Certificate of Need Approvals (Jul 8)
COVID-19 Update: Secretary of Health Requests Hospitals Maintain Additional Capacity (Jul 1)
COVID-19 Update: OSHA Publishes ETS Standard in Federal Registry (Jun 24)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Directive Eliminates Some Emergency Requirements for Hospitals; OSHA Will Require Staff Masking and Patient Screening (Jun 17)
COVID-19 Update: Md. State of Emergency to End July 1 (Jun 15)
COVID-19 Update: FDA Extends J&J COVID-19 Vaccine Shelf Life (Jun 10)
COVID-19 Update: HHS-ASPR Updated EUA for Regen-COV (Jun 8)
COVID-19 Update: State Shares Census Projections for COVID, Non-COVID, and Respiratory Illness (Jun 3)
COVID-19 Update: Pfizer Vaccine Updates (Jun 1)
COVID-19 Update: Shift in Monoclonal Antibody Treatment to Hospital EDs(May 27)
COVID-19 Update: MDH to Suspend Weekly Reporting for Monoclonal Antibodies (May 25)
COVID-19 Update: Vaccination of Small Groups (May 20)
COVID-19 Update: MDH No Longer Requiring Weekly Remdesivir (RDV) Reporting (May 18)
COVID-19 Update: State Considers Vaccine Rollout for Youth (May 13)
COVID-19 Update: States Not Expected to Receive Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Doses Next Week (May 11)
COVID-19 Update: HSCRC Funding for Hospital Community Vaccinations (May 6)
COVID-19 Update: MIEMSS Waiver Could Help with ED Backups (May 4)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Extends Directive on Hospital Surge, Patient Transfer Until June 30(Apr 29)
COVID-19 Update: Staffing Data Show Md. in Top 10 for Travel Nursing Demand (Apr 27)
COVID-19 Update: FCC Releases Second Round of COVID-19 Telehealth Program Funding (Apr 22)
COVID-19 Update: MHA Resumes Weekly Call to Address COVID-19 Surge (Apr 20)
COVID-19 Update: New Daily MIEMSS COVID Question Effective Tomorrow (Apr 15)
COVID-19 Update: MDH: Pause Administration of J&J COVID-19 Vaccines (Apr 13)
COVID-19 Update: Md. to Receive Fewer Vaccine Doses (Apr 8)
COVID-19 Update: COVID-19 Vaccine Resources to Support Vulnerable Populations (Apr 6)
COVID-19 Update: HSCRC Releases Addendum for COVID-19 Community Vaccination Funding Program (Apr 1)
COVID-19 Update: Infographic Details COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Requirements (Mar 30)
COVID-19 Update: Staffing Data Show Decreased Demand for Traveling Nurses(Mar 25)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Data Reporting (Mar 23)
COVID-19 Update: Md. Vaccine Eligibility to Expand, HSCRC to Launch COVID-19 Community Vaccination Funding Program (Mar 18)
COVID-19 Update: Increase of Medicare Payment for Administering the COVID-19 Vaccine (Mar 16)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Seeks Additional COVID Vaccination Providers (Mar 9)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Announces Vaccine Equity Operations Plan (Mar 4)
COVID-19 Update: PrepMod to Support J&J Vaccine (Mar 3)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Gives Update on Vaccination Efforts (Mar 2)
COVID-19 Update: State Shares Resources to Promote Availability of Monoclonal Antibody Treatment (Mar 1)
COVID-19 Update: FDA Approves Pfizer COVID Vaccine Storage at Higher Temps(Feb 26)
COVID-19 Update: HHS Clarifies HIPAA Regulations for Web-based COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling Applications (Feb 24)
COVID-19 Update: Md. More Than Doubles Surveillance for COVID-19 Variants (Feb 23)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Issues Bulletin on Vaccine Second Doses, Prioritization, More (Feb 19)
COVID-19 Update: Winter Weather Affects COVID-19 Vaccine Shipments (Feb 18)
COVID-19 Update: MHA Advocacy on Vaccine Allocations for Hospitals (Feb 17)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Offers Guidance on Reporting Transfers of COVID Vaccine Doses (Feb 12)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Gives Update on Vaccine Rollout, Hospital Visitation (Feb 11)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Daily Data Reporting: New Data Resources and Compliance Update (Feb 10)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Issues Updates to Vaccine Rollout (Feb 5)
COVID-19 Update: MDH: Process to Help Identify COVID-19 Variants (Feb 3)
COVID-19 Update: New CRISP COVID-19 Vaccination Report (Feb 1)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Issues New Guidance on COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution, Eligibility (Jan 29)
COVID-19 Update: Maryland to Open Mass Vaccination Sites, Change Vaccine Eligibility (Jan 26)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Issues New Guidance on COVID Vaccines (Jan 22)
COVID-19 Update: Md. State of Emergency, Catastrophic Health Emergency Declarations Renewed (Jan 21)
COVID-19 Update: Temporary Behavioral Health Unit Opens at UM Laurel Medical Center (Jan 20)
COVID-19 Update: Md. Senate Launches Vaccination Oversight Workgroup (Jan 19)
COVID-19 Update: Provider Relief Fund Reporting Updates (Jan 18)
COVID-19 Update: HSCRC Releases Directive on CARES Act Impact on Rate Year 2021 Rates (Jan 15)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan: Md. to Move to 1B in Vaccine Rollout (Jan 14)
COVID-19 Update: HHS COVID-19 Data Reporting: Therapeutic Fields Required Jan. 13, New Optional Vaccination Fields(Jan 12)
COVID-19 Update: Laurel 345 Updates Protocol for Transfers (Jan 11)
COVID-19 Update: MDH Updates Mass Fatality Management Plan (Jan 8)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Takes Steps to Speed Vaccine Rollout (Jan 5)
COVID-19 Update: Gov. Hogan Sends Letter to MHA About Vaccine Rollout (Jan 4)


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