Vaccine Education and Resources

Communication Guidance and Material for Health Care Workers, Communities of Color, and Underserved Communities

Healthcare Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Outreach Program

MHA and the Maryland Patient Safety Center are sponsoring a series to better understand and combat the negative effects of systemic racism and bias in healthcare.

Resource Guide: Vaccine Hesitancy in Communities of Color – How We Got Here and the Path Forward
Webinar: Vaccine Hesitancy in Communities of Color – How We Got Here and the Path Forward
Webinar: Vaccine Hesitancy in Communities of Color – Strategies to Improve Vaccine Acceptance Among Healthcare Workers of Color


Public Education Campaign

The Ad Council and COVID Collaborative launched a multichannel public education COVID-19 Vaccine Education Effort focusing on hesitancy among health care workers and in communities of color.

Ad Council and COVID Collaborative FAQs
Videos: COVID-19 Vaccine Education Effort – Content for Healthcare Providers
Partner Toolkit Materials
Audience Insights - General
Audience Insights - Black Americans
Audience Insights - Hispanics


Maryland Department of Health Resources

A public communication campaign kicked off on Feb. 1 with videos featuring trusted community leaders.

Maryland Department of Health – Welcome to CovidLink


Consumer Vaccine Website

Created by the American Hospital Association, in coordination with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the consumer vaccine website includes a wide variety of information for the public including FAQs and posters.

American Hospital Association – COVID-19 Vaccines: A Guide for Individuals


Health Care Worker Vaccine Hesitancy

This New England Journal of Medicine study looks at the most common reasons for hesitancy and how to help make a case with those employees.

Health Care Workers’ Reluctance to Take the Covid-19 Vaccine: A Consumer-Marketing Approach to Identifying and Overcoming Hesitancy


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