About Us

While Washington politics paralyze health care, Maryland’s hospitals are doing it right. We’re bringing health, hope and healing to every single Marylander.

When you or a loved one is in the hospital, you can count on nearly 117,000 caregivers, front-line staff and other team members who work tirelessly each and every day in Maryland’s hospitals.

The environmental services person who talks to your son about his favorite sports team, the nurse who remembers that you’re uncomfortable when lying on your left side, the technician who makes you laugh, the cashier in the cafeteria who always has a big smile and a kind word for you and your family— these are just a few of the dedicated hospital staff members Caring for Maryland. They are there not just to treat your injuries and illnesses, but to provide you with the care and compassion to make your most stressful and scary time a little easier.

It takes an extraordinary level of dedication and expertise to work 24/7 making life and death decisions. The Maryland Hospital Association recognizes and thanks all of the hospital employees who are Caring for Maryland.

Hospitals employees are truly special. Do you have a story about a person who helped your family during a tough time at a Maryland hospital? If so, tell your story by sending your name and contact info, the name of the employee, the name of the hospital and the story to mha@mhaonline.org.

In the hospital and in your community

Through innovative efforts like targeted wellness programs and thoughtful investments in improvement projects and workforce development, hospitals are dedicated to advancing the health of all Marylanders. That includes efforts that extend outside of hospitals’ four walls and into the communities they serve.

Hospitals in Maryland increasingly are leading efforts to ensure people have access to housing, healthy food, education and transportation—all social determinants of health and well-being.

As hospitals and health systems uplift the health of all Marylanders, they play a critical role in the economic and social fabric of the cities, suburbs and rural areas they serve. Over its 50-year history, the Maryland Hospital Association has partnered with state leaders to enact policies meant to enable hospitals to provide leading-edge, high-quality service and uphold their long-standing missions of care.

Hospitals and their dedicated, talented employees are #Caring4Md day in and day out. Their stories and the stories of their patients whose lives have been made better by their care demonstrate how hospitals in our state are truly advancing health care and health for all Marylanders.