Messages from MHA's President

From MHA President and CEO Carmela Coyle

  • Patient Safety Is the First Priority

    March 11, 2016 By: Carmela Coyle
    Sunday marks the beginning of National Patient Safety Awareness Week, the annual highlight of an ongoing education and engagement campaign that aims to shine the spotlight on this important issue.
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  • Unsatisfactory/Needs Improvement

    March 04, 2016 By: Carmela Coyle
    Yesterday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released its annual Healthcare Associated Infections Progress Report for acute care hospitals and the data are alarming:
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  • A Target on Our Chest

    February 26, 2016 By: Carmela Coyle
    We’re at the midpoint of the General Assembly’s legislative session, and while hospitals have made significant strides in advancing our priorities, the volume of bills has been nothing short of staggering. Some are well-meaning but carry unintended consequences; others are clearly designed to weaken hospitals’ ability to take care of communities.
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  • Getting Global Budget Updates Right

    February 19, 2016 By: Carmela Coyle
    In less than four months, the recently reconfigured Health Services Cost Review Commission, along with its new chairman, Nelson Sabatini, will vote on a global budget update for hospitals for the coming fiscal year. Last year, as hospitals were ramping up population health management efforts in the earlier stages of the modernized Medicare waiver, HSCRC approved a 3.3 percent average per capita increase - the largest in more than six years. That delivered more than $500 million to help hospitals develop the capabilities they needed to meet the requirements of the waiver.
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  • Spreading the Word on the Medicaid Tax

    February 12, 2016 By: Carmela Coyle
    There’s a reason that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg this week surpassed Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos to take the fourth spot on the world’s-richest person list: the social media network has 1 billion daily users, 161 million of whom live in the U.S. and Canada, and estimates say that more than half of Maryland’s 6 million people use Facebook.
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  • The Future of Hospitals Is in Your Hands

    February 05, 2016 By: Carmela Coyle
    If there was a dominant theme at the American Hospital Association's most recent Board of Trustees meeting last week, it was this: health care in the United States is at a critical evolutionary juncture, and without a firm, proactive response to the myriad forces shaping this environment, hospitals could quickly be left behind.
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