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Resources for Hospital Patients

Hospitals in Maryland are dedicated to serving the medical needs of their community 24/7/365, regardless of people’s ability to pay. Everyone receives the same, high-quality level of care—including the 417,000 uninsured and even more underinsured across the state.

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Patient’s Bill of Rights

The Patient’s Bill of Rights guarantees that all hospital patients—whether admitted, in the ER, or outpatient—will receive a copy of the Patient’s Bill of Rights per state law. Below are links to each MHA member hospital’s patient bill of rights.

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Financial Assistance

Marylanders may be eligible for financial assistance if they do not have insurance, are underinsured, or if it would be a financial hardship to pay full out-of-pocket expenses for emergency or other medically necessary care. Maryland hospitals have financial assistance policies in place and readily share that information with patients.

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Know Where to Go: The Right Care, in the Right Setting

View more hospitals-related resources for patients and the public community.

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