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Caring for Communities

By tackling community health challenges, promoting preventitive measures, and championing equitable health care policies, MHA is dedicated to fostering healthier and more resilient communities for all Marylanders.

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The Maryland Model

For decades, Maryland has regulated hospital rates through an independent state body, ensuring equitable pricing across all payers–private, commercial, Medicare, Medicaid, or self-pay–for identical services at the same hospital.

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Public Health

MHA collaborates with member hospitals, community-based organizations, and the state to help Marylanders be as safe and healthy as possible. Discover MHA’s public health resources.

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MHA is proud, on behalf of the state’s hospitals and health systems, to drive positive change by shaping policies and advocating to advance health and health care, ensuring the well-being of all Marylanders. Our commitment to excellence not only transforms health care but serves as the foundation for building healthy communities for generations to come.
Melony G. Griffith President & CEO, MHA
Melony G. Griffith


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The policies MHA and member hospitals and health systems support reflect the values of hospitals and communities as we work together to advance health and health care. Together, we are #Caring4Md.

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