Two wholly owned subsidiaries and two related organizations help carry out specific programs and functions for MHA.

MHA Prime

MHA Prime, MHA’s shared services/group purchasing subsidiary, serves members throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Prime’s portfolio is composed of regional and highly competitive national agreements through its affiliation with Vizient. By offering solutions to challenges that occur within institutions supply chain and revenue cycle, the program delivers real results that control costs, improve margins and cash flow, improve access to capital, optimized operational efficiency and increase regulatory compliance.

Maryland Healthcare Education Institute

The Maryland Healthcare Education Institute (MHEI) offers education programs around the state, and on a contractual basis with specific organizations concentrating on management and leadership issues. The institute also provides a variety of consulting services.

Maryland Hospital Association Political Action Committee

The Maryland Hospital Association Political Action Committee (MHA | PAC) is the political action committee of MHA, created to provide a nonpartisan vehicle for voluntary contributions from health care leaders. Its purpose is to support issues advocacy, participate in the democratic process, and sponsor public education and debate on important and emerging health issues. The ultimate goal of MHA | PAC activities is to foster improvements in health care for the citizens of Maryland. These activities may include direct financial support to political candidates who have demonstrated concern and commitment to health issues, and to forums that bring together public policymakers and health care providers to discuss problems and explore solutions.