Brian Burkhalter, Director, Strategic Analytics

Burkhaulter Brian

Brian Burkhalter joined MHA in 2021 as director of strategic analytics.

As a data scientist and statistician, Brian is acutely familiar with Maryland’s numerous health care datasets and their synergy with Health Services Cost Review Commission (HSCRC) policy. In addition to helping MHA members understand and interpret data, Brian has seven years of experience modelling HSCRC policies and projecting financial trends. He also has an extensive background in data visualization, specializing in translating complex problems into simple, effective graphics.

Previously, Brian spent six years at KPMG where he played a critical role in updating the uncompensated care policy, forecasting the integrated comprehensive care model, and creating innovative, dynamic 10-year financial projections.

At MHA, Brian innovates policy modelling, key performance indicator analyses, and financial reporting. He is fluent in the latest data technology including Alteryx, Power BI, Tableau, SQL, SAS, and more.