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MHA Work Groups and Task Forces

MHA’s member-led Birth Outcomes Accountability Work Group convenes physicians, hospital executives, and other leaders in the maternal and child health field in Maryland to improve maternal health equity. The group reviews data encompassing severe maternal morbidity, shares best practices and recommends strategies to address barriers to maternal health equity. The goal of the Birth Outcomes Accountability Work Group is to encourage hospitals to create perinatal quality structures that are robust, meaningful, multidisciplinary, and data driven.

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The Health Care Payment Work Group includes hospital finance leads, who meet regularly to consider policies and Health Services Cost Review (HSCRC) actions that affect hospitals’ finances under the Total Cost of Care Model. The Work Group is also charged with making recommendations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of hospital services and payments.

The Health Equity Advisory Committee focuses on improving workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion, and increasing health equity for all Marylanders. The Committee supports fieldwide efforts to build cultural competency to deliver excellent patient care and address clinical inequalities contributing to outcome differences. The Committee aims to understand and improve social determinants of health, hospital culture, communication with marginalized communities, and health policy.

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The Labor & Employment Work Group is composed of government affairs, human resources, and legal leads who are focused on addressing labor issues that affect hospitals. The work group provides policy expertise on issues affecting employer matters. The group also informs MHA’s advocacy on efforts to proactively address workforce challenges and on efforts to defend against legislation that negatively impacts hospital operations and care.

The Legislative Strategy Group is composed of government affair leads that are engaged in advocacy efforts in Annapolis. The group meets monthly during the interim and weekly during the legislative session and is critical to strategy development on a myriad of issues affecting the hospital field. As such, this group works closely with the Council on Legislative & Regulatory Policy.

The MPA work group was formed to provide hospital field input on the development and refinement of HSCRC’s Medicare Performance Adjustment policy. While there are no appointed members, participants include hospital representatives with responsibility for population health, finance, clinical integration and related areas. In addition to the MPA policy, the work group discusses related MPA implementation and management topics such as CRISP MPA data monitoring reports.

The Task Force on Maryland’s Future Health Workforce is composed of hospital executives, including clinical and human resource leaders. The Task Force is charged with setting a strategic vision and comprehensive strategy to facilitate a robust and sustainable health workforce. The group provides guidance on current issues, future challenges, and trends impacting the hospital workforce and recommends needed policy changes and best practices.

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The Technical Work Group includes member hospital financial, technical, and clinical experts, who typically meet monthly following the Health Services Cost Review Commission’s (HSCRC) meeting to consider many of the more technical HSCRC payment policies being developed or updated. They provide support to the Council on Financial Policy as it considers either support for, or alternatives to, hospital payment policies drafted by HSCRC staff.

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