Subsidiaries & Related Organizations

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MHA Prime

MHA Prime, the shared services and group purchasing subsidiary of MHA, extends its services to members across the Mid-Atlantic region. Prime’s portfolio comprises regional and competitively advantageous national agreements through its affiliation with Vizient. While addressing challenges within institutional supply chains and revenue cycles, the program produces tangible outcomes by controlling costs, enhancing margins and cash flow, improving access to capital, optimizing operational efficiency, and ensuring increased regulatory compliance.

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Maryland Healthcare Education Institute

The Maryland Healthcare Education Institute (MHEI) is a premier provider of leadership, regulatory, and quality-related programming and consultative services for its members. The Institute’s programming equips MHEI members with practical tools and skills to improve the performance of their organizations.

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Map of Maryland's four regions

Hospital Preparedness Program

The Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) is a coalition to support and enhance the ability of hospitals and health care systems to provide effective care and save lives during emergencies and disasters that exceed the day-to-day capacity of the health care and emergency response systems. There are four regions in Maryland state.

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The Maryland Hospital Association Political Action Committee (MHA|PAC) aims to establish a nonpartisan platform for voluntary contributions from health care leaders. Its purpose is to support issues advocacy, participate in the democratic process, and sponsor public education and debate on important and emerging health issues. MHA|PAC aims to promote activities to foster improvements in health care for Marylanders. These activities encompass providing direct financial support to political candidates who have demonstrated concern and commitment to health issues and to forums that bring together public policymakers and health care providers to discuss problems and explore solutions.

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American Hospital Association

The American Hospital Association is the national organization, composed of nearly 5,000 organizations, that represents all types of hospitals, health care networks, and their patients and communities. AHA advocates for its members needs in national health policy development, legislative and regulatory debates, and judicial matters.

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