2022 Legislative Session Material


Grow and Sustain Maryland’s Health Care Workforce

Maryland hospitals are in the midst of a staffing crisis that is exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. While unaddressed the workforce shortage will affect health care providers’ ability to deliver necessary services for Marylanders.

To grow and sustain Maryland’s vital health care workforce, MHA will advocate for state investment in programs and policies that ensure hospitals can recruit and retain frontline workers—now and well into the future.

Improve Maryland’s Liability Climate

A recent independent report commissioned by the Health Services Cost Review Commission shows that Maryland’s medical liability is among the worst in the country. These findings show an unsustainable climate where hospitals face steep risk retention, exorbitant reinsurance premiums, and restrictive coverage terms. MHA advocates for reform and legislation to improve transparency by allowing juries to consider third party compensation, like health insurance, for past and future medical expenses.

Ensure the Success of Maryland’s Model

Maryland’s Total Cost of Care Model gets right what other states are getting wrong. Maryland’s unique hospital payment system is governed by an agreement with the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI). In 2022, Maryland will renegotiate key provisions to keep the agreement, and must propose new contract terms in 2023 for CMS’ renewal. Maryland can’t afford to lose it. During the 90-day legislative session, MHA will advocate for proposals that align with Model goals and will ensure a favorable evaluation.