Maintaining Positive Momentum

July 13, 2020 By: Bob Atlas

Last week the number of people hospitalized in Maryland with COVID-19 fell below 400 for the first time since March.

We expect some fluctuation, yet over the last two months, trends in our state are positive—fewer hospitalizations, less death, and a lower rate of positive tests.

Meanwhile, across the country we see dramatic spikes in cases. Texas, for example, reported a record-breaking daily surge of cases—10,000 in one 24-hour period. Arizona and Florida, where 56 ICUs hit capacity, similarly are struggling to contain the virus.

MHA’s analysis of hospitalization data reported by 46 states shows an 8.9% increase in COVID-19 inpatients in the latest seven days, while Maryland saw a 3.5% decrease. Our daily COVID hospitalization rate per 100,000 population is 6.6—about half the national average of 13.1.

Our full dashboard is on the MHA website. It includes figures on statewide hospital capacity not viewable on other published reports. We update this dashboard twice weekly.

It’s alright if we all feel some relief looking at these numbers. Maryland is doing a lot of things right. YOU are doing a lot of things right. Though you know we’re not out of the woods.

That is why it is crucial, as the American Hospital Association said, joined by associations for the country’s doctors and nurses, that we stay vigilant. We must encourage everyone to wear masks, maintain social distance, and wash their hands regularly if Maryland is to stop the spread and stay on track to beat COVID-19.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO

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