Hope for the Holidays

December 21, 2020
As we enter the final week of what has been a thoroughly challenging year for us all, as you continue to see COVID patients stream into your hospitals, we are cautiously hopeful.

Two COVID-19 vaccines are now authorized for emergency use. Initial shipments are making their way to our hospitals and to your frontline staff. Your teams once again are stepping up and leading by example, as the first Marylanders to receive the vaccine.

Your performance over this past year inspires awe. The more than 100,000 people who work at Maryland hospitals and health systems show fellow Marylanders, every day, that their health is protected. And your commitment to achieving health equity is evident in so many ways.

We, the few dozen staff of the Maryland Hospital Association, are honored and proud to serve and to represent you. The public health crisis has just heightened our sense of mission and purpose.

As 2020 closes and the beginning of the end of the pandemic arrives, MHA wishes you all a safe and healthy holiday season and a sunny 2021.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO 
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