A Year on the Front Lines: Giving Thanks to Our Hospital Heroes

March 01, 2021
One year ago, one of your hospitals admitted the state’s first COVID-19 inpatients. We’re now at about the 35,000th. Back then who could have imagined the challenges our field would face, the devastation and cruelty of this illness, or the pivotal role you would play far beyond patient care?

You fought to overcome every obstacle. You delivered. Maryland hospitals made all the right kinds of headlines.

When the governor demanded new space for COVID-19 patients, you created thousands of new beds. When PPE was scarce, you used every resource at your disposal to protect patients and staff—sometimes making your own. When regular staff were pushed to their limits, you welcomed volunteers, students, new graduates, and even retirees to help. And when vaccines became available, you launched ambitious programs.

Through it all, you made sure all Marylanders had access to care, including via telehealth. You reached out to your communities to help protect vulnerable people. 

Your bravery and your strength give Marylanders confidence … and hope. Thank you.

We are sharing the video below with key stakeholders and the public to show appreciation for your year on the front lines. Please view it and share with others.

As always, we at MHA are privileged and proud to support you.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO

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