June 24, 2024

Historic 4.53% Per Capita Growth for Global Budget Hospitals; Specialty Hospitals Receive Boost

The Health Services Cost Review Commission’s decision earlier this month to approve a historically high annual payment update recognizes the significant pressures your hospitals are under and aims to correct underpayment outlined by the field and MHA.

This increase means more stable hospital finances that are essential as you continue to care for your communities with investment in emergency and preventive care, community outreach, educational initiatives, and more.

This outcome—hospital per capita growth of 4.53% for hospitals under global budgets—is among the highest ever approved by the Commission.

This significant increase includes a 3.24% boost to base inflation and an unprecedented 1% increase. As requested by MHA, HSCRC included the 1% to account for cumulative underfunded inflation in previous rate years.

For psychiatric hospitals and Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital, commissioners likewise approved an update of 3.24% for base inflation plus the additional 1% in inflation catch-up funding.

We are proud to have secured this significant outcome for the field in fiscal year 2025 and will continue to advocate for updates in future years to build a solid future for both our hospitals and our communities.

Melony G. Griffith
President & CEO