Hospitals Invite Marylanders to JoinMdHealth

February 06, 2023

Elkridge, Md. – The Maryland Hospital Association (MHA) and its members—the state’s 60 hospitals and health systems—launched a digital marketing campaign to address historic workforce shortages in health care.

The effort,, invites students as well as those looking for new opportunities, to pursue careers in health or educational opportunities that lead to hospital careers. The campaign offers digital resources to easily learn about specific hospital careers and education paths. (Follow JoinMdHealth on Facebook Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | TikTok).

“Maryland hospitals and health systems are facing the most critical staffing shortage in recent memory,” says Bob Atlas, President & CEO of the Maryland Hospital Association. “Our members inspired this campaign—aimed at addressing their primary challenge, bolstering their workforce.”

2022 GlobalData report, commissioned by MHA, reveals the current shortfall of nurses in Maryland and predicts the shortage will grow worse. Most recent data estimate a statewide shortage of 5,000 full-time registered nurses and 4,000 licensed practical nurses. That data aligns with projections showing that, without intervention, shortages could double or even triple by 2035. Gaps between need and the supply of talent are also seen in many other hospital care roles.

JoinMdHealth reminds Marylanders that no matter your skill set, your interests, your goals, your background, or your age, there is a career in health care waiting for you.

“Whether you lead with your head, your hands, or your heart, a hospital is a terrific place to work,” says Edward Lovern, President & CEO of Ascension Saint Agnes and the chairman of the MHA Task Force on Maryland’s Future Health Workforce. “We have openings and opportunities in all of our hospitals for all education levels.”

The JoinMdHealth campaign was a key recommendation of MHA’s Workforce Task Force.

Dozens of health care leaders from hospitals statewide formed the Task Force to examine ways to stabilize and grow Maryland’s health care workforce. Convened by MHA in November 2021, the group released an evidence-backed report, the 2022 State of Maryland’s Health Care Workforce, to ensure Maryland has the health care workforce it needs now and into the future.

MHA has partnered with Mission, a brand marketing agency based in Baltimore, on this important initiative.

“This recruitment campaign is informed by the critical challenges facing Maryland's hospital systems," says Todd Harvey, Founder and Creative Director of Mission. "We are proud to play a part in this statewide effort to inspire Marylanders and urge them to explore opportunities available to them, whether they are looking for a new career or just beginning their educational journey."

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About JoinMdHealth
The Maryland Hospital Association’s JoinMdHealth campaign promotes exciting careers and education opportunities in health care. JoinMdHealth reminds Marylanders of all backgrounds, ages, and interests that a career in hospital care is waiting to help them meet their personal and professional goals. Whether you lead with your head, heart, or hand, Maryland hospitals have a place for you. Learn more at