Maryland’s hospitals are committed to preventing workplace violence, promoting a culture of safety, and maintaining a safe healing environment for patients, staff, and visitors.

The Maryland Hospital Association conducted a survey in 2019 to assess workplace violence incidents and preventive practices within member hospitals. The survey was designed in collaboration with the Workplace Violence Prevention Steering Committee, a partnership between MHA and the Maryland Nurse’s Association. Overall, members said they need more resources to address and prevent workplace violence.

The resources you’ll find on this page come from federal and state agencies, hospitals, as well as health care regulating bodies. We invite hospitals, health systems, and other organizations to submit their own resources to MHA.


Establishing a Culture of Safety

American College of Healthcare Executives and Institute for Healthcare Improvement/ IHI/NPSF Lucian Leape Institute Leading a Culture of Safety: A Blueprint for Success (2017) 
American Organization for Nursing Leadership Guiding Principles for Mitigating Violence in the Workplace (2022)
Johns Hopkins Medicine Johns Hopkins Medicine Workplace Violence Framework


Risk Assessment & Gap Analysis Tools

American Hospital Association Workplace Violence Staff Assessment Survey
American Society for Health Care Risk Management Health Care Facility Workplace Violence Risk Assessment Tool
Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Oregon Work Place Violence Program – Gap Analysis Checklist (modified) [Excel Spreadsheet]



Healthcare and Public Health Sector Coordinating Council Active Shooter: Planning And Response: Learn How to Survive a Shooting Event in a Healthcare Setting (2017)
Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Workplace Violence Prevention Education and Training Plan [Word Document]


Post-Incident Response

Johns Hopkins Health System Manager/Designee Checklist Post Work Place Violent Event
Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems Workplace Violence Incident Report Form [Word Document]


State Legal Resources

District Court of Maryland Application for Statement of Charges [Document 1 | Document 2]
District Court of Maryland Criminal Complaints Brochure: How to File a Criminal Complaint in the District Court of Maryland
Maryland Judiciary Request for Shielding Information in Criminal Case
Adapted from “The Challenge of Crime in a Free Society,” Bureau of Justice Statistics What Is the Sequence of Events in the Criminal Justice System? (1997)
Maryland State Attorney Maryland State’s Attorney Liaison Contact List



 American Hospital Association Includes links to toolkit, checklists, risk assessment tool and webinars.

Strengthening the Health Care Workforce- Workplace Violence Prevention (2022)


American Hospital Association & International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety

Creating Safer Workplaces A guide to mitigating violence in health care settings (2021)
American Organization for Nursing Leadership and Emergency Nurses Association Mitigating Violence in the Workplace Toolkit (n.d.)
Oregon Association of Hospital and Health Systems Preventing Workplace Violence in Hospitals Presentation
Oregon Association of Hospital and Health Systems Workplace Violence Prevention Toolkit


Sample Signage & Resources from Members

MedStar Montgomery SBAR/Purple Diamond Explanation/Definitions
MedStar Montgomery Safety & Security Public Signage
MedStar Health Report Workplace Violence Purple Diamond Sign
MedStar Health Purple Diamond Sign
UM Upper Chesapeake Health WPV Reporting Hotline Icon