Mid-Session Reflection

March 02, 2020 By: Bob Atlas

A longtime Annapolis insider recently remarked that in nearly three decades of experience, he’s never seen so many bills aimed at hospitals.

They’re challenging us on how we run our hospitals, care for and bill our patients, and deliver community benefit. The narrative is often negative—and often far off base. Opponents misconstrue data to deliver an unflattering blow to our field.

MHA is combatting the specific threats. We appreciate the great partnership of many of your government affairs representatives. And we’re resetting the tone generally, in part through the #Caring4Md campaign many of your hospitals have joined. We are changing hearts and minds in Annapolis and beyond.

We also are playing offense with proposals to strengthen your workforce, improve care for behavioral health patients, and rescue our state’s medical liability climate—all priorities the field adopted to advance your mission of care. Our loan repayment and emergency department diversion bills are advancing. Liability reform proposals are getting legislative acknowledgement we haven’t seen in some time.

As we enter the final weeks of a tumultuous session, we appreciate your continued engagement. It’s been noted that hospitals are delivering a unified message in Annapolis—strengthening the impact of our collective voice.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO