Coming Together Through Crisis

June 15, 2020 By: Bob Atlas

Monday would have been the MHA 2020 Annual Membership Meeting. It was the right decision to cancel it, at the same time it’s disappointing to miss seeing so many of you in person.

Beyond the need to keep social distancing, we know right now you need time to unburden yourselves of the stress the last three months has put on your hospitals and systems. Plus, you continue to care for COVID-19 patients and many others who are in worse shape due to postponing care. What’s more, you have to prepare for a possible second surge.

These have been trying times, for sure. MHA’s sole aim has been to support you in your caring mission. To answer your questions, to advocate for you, to knock down barriers.

We pushed government for funding and easing of regulations. We pressed for more ventilators, PPE, testing supplies, and medicines. We made sure your workers got access to childcare and public transit. We secured staffing and supply chain solutions. We eased the burdens of data reporting. We got answers to a myriad of questions. We helped you to share ideas with one another.

Our goal is to get you the support you need and deserve as you face the biggest public health crisis of our lives.

If there’s anything more we can do for you, we want to know. Just as you’re there for your patients, we’re here for you. Please continue to reach out to me and the MHA team.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO