Overcoming Chronic Disparities

February 22, 2021
This month we celebrate the significant contributions of Black Americans to our nation’s past, present, and future.

As we reflect on this, we must also face how racial health disparities impact our communities. We see worse outcomes and higher instances of chronic disease in communities of color, from maternal and child health to diabetes and everything in between.

You and your teams dedicate your expertise and outreach to overcome these inequities.

That includes in Annapolis, where MHA advocates for legislation to curb historic health disparities.
We are backing a bill to establish Health Equity Resource Communities and to create a Maryland Commission on Health Equity. And our Preserve Telehealth Access Act aims to equalize access to care.

Yet, we know historic inequities are deep and strong; they cannot be solved in one year or by a few legislative initiatives.

We are also reminded of the field-backed MHA Commitment to Racial Equity. With members together at the table, we see progress toward its aims. One fundamental step is to determine metrics of success. But, as the chair of the MHA Health Equity Task Force, Donna Jacobs from UMMS, asked the other day, “How do we get it right? How do we keep it sustainable? What are we doing that is going to make a difference?”

Our Executive Committee, Health Equity Task Force, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Group are working to make sure MHA itself and all member organizations are accountable for results that matter.  

As you continue your own work to reduce health disparities and eliminate implicit bias, MHA will champion your efforts.

Bob Atlas
President & CEO 
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  • 2021