MHA Out Front

April 04, 2022
For much of the past two years, hasn’t it felt as if we’ve been running just ahead of a steamroller? Unpacking the latest science, reacting to ever-changing guidance and rules, and living with constant uncertainty in operational, clinical, and financial domains? 
Much of this is the nature of health care—especially so in a pandemic. So, when we can get further out front, we do. 
It was gratifying last week to see a payoff for our early and persistent advocacy for more state funding for your workforce. With Gov. Hogan’s supplemental budget release, we’ve secured a total of $80 million more to help you recruit and retain staff. MHA next will offer the state suggestions on suitable uses of the new tranche of $50 million, aiming to give you the most flexibility. 
Also last week, MHA got out ahead of the Health Services Cost Review Commission’s process for deciding the annual payment update. We delivered a position paper, drawing upon guidance from our Executive Committee and hospital financial leaders. 
We are taking an assertive, evidence-based posture. We show the unprecedented cost pressures you face and outline why rate year 2023 must be very different than any of the eight preceding years in which our hospitals operated under global budgeted revenues. 
We’re hopeful that these and other advocacy efforts will generate the resources you need to stay out ahead. 
Bob Atlas 
President & CEO
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